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  • Beach Pržno

    Pržno beach has a specific charm that separates it and sets it above all other nearby beaches. The sand is of very pleasant size and it stretches over the entire beach and sea.

    In the hinterland of the beach is one of the most beautiful coastal villages full of greenery, palm trees, cypresses, olive trees, and flowers, with a number of excellent restaurants and cafés so you can be served on the beach itself.

    The sunset that can be seen from Przno is famous in the entire area. The cove is specially protected from the wind and waves by three surrounding hills The beach is about 350 m long.

    Kraljičina Beach

    Queen’s Beach is one of the most beautiful coves in the entire Montenegrin coast, and perhaps on the entire Adriatic. It is surrounded by pine trees so it has a specific microclimate that provides a gentle breeze and freshness during the heat of the day.

    The sea is a beautiful azure blue, and the sand is of optimal granulation, pleasant for walking and sunbathing. This was the favorite beach of Queen Maria Karadjordjevic and it was named after her.

    The beach is only a few hundred meters away from Przno and there is a pleasant path that leads through the forest which is part of Milocer park.

    Kings Beach

    King’s Beach is located in the middle of the famous Milocer park which is the former summer residence of King Alexander Karadjordjevic, which is now Milocer hotel.

    Milocer is one of the most beautiful parks on the Adriatic. It’s covered with coastal conifers including cedars and cypresses and other Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation.

    The beach faces the open sea and Sveti Stefan. It is covered with natural rounded pebbles that vary in size

    Beach Saint Stefan

    Sveti Stefan Beach is located less than a kilometer’s walk through Milocer park from Przno.

    In fact, it consists of two beaches and sandy isthmus (now turned into a stone embankment), islets and fortified town of Sveti Stefan, which is one of the most beautiful elite resorts on the Adriatic.

    Several restaurants and cafes are located near the beach. There is also a mini shopping center with a diving club, boutiques, and garage.

    Beach Kamenovo

    Kamenovo Beach is located near Przno from which it is separated by a stone cape.

    There are two mini beaches suitable for loners between Kamenovo and Przno.

    The beach is of great beauty and moderate length. It is covered with sand of excellent granulation between coarse sand and fine gravel. It faces St. Stefan and the open sea.

    Beach Fine Sand

    Fine sand Beach is about 1 km from Przno. It can be reached by boat or trail from the highway. The beach is surrounded by subtropical vegetation and it is away from any civilization.

    The clear cold creek that provides freshness and a specific, almost tropical atmosphere runs through the middle of the beach. This beach was once occupied by the tribal assembly of the Paštrović tribe and as such is specially protected.

    Rocky ground suitable for underwater and regular fishing extends behind the beach. Several tourist boats lead to the beach.